Pricing and Policy

It is our policy not to mix dogs from other families together either for housing or exercise.

Please be aware that in the interests of health and happiness for all, we will only accept vaccinated dogs.  Our boarder must also be vaccinated against kennel cough.   We recommend Nobivac KC, which lasts for 12 months.  Planning is essential as the Kennel cough vaccination should be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding to ensure that there is no reaction to the vaccine.

We appreciate that not all kennels ask for this vaccination to be given but we do as kennel cough is very common and easily spreads among dogs of all ages and can be a very unpleasant illness.

Please be aware that we will ask to see the vaccination card upon boarding.

We expect owners to be responsible for the worming and flea treatment of their pets before they are brought into the kennels.

We charge only £20 per night.  There will be an additional nights charge if you can only pick up after 12noon – so why not let your doggy stay with us another night?

Why not have your dog groomed whilst he is staying with us for an extra special treat for him.  Please see our dog grooming page for details of our brand new 5-star salon.

Please be aware that all viewings, collections, drop offs and dog grooming is arranged by appointment only.  This is to ensure maximum security.  Please call 01695 660444 to arrange your visit.

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